Tamworth HoneyPot Health & Cafe

For over 35 years Tamworth HoneyPot Health has been the trusted, friendly source of healthy advice across the Tamworth and broader New England North West region. We aim to provide our customers with the right information and assistance to help meet your health requirments.


If you would like to discuss our healthy product range, feel free to call or email, as your good health is our business. 


We stock a broad range of products spanning your dietary health needs, including health foods, vitamins and supplements. As well we offer relaxation, skin care, hair care and other products to keep you feeling and looking great.


We are also very happy to have launched our new HoneyPot Cafe.

The cafe offers a health focused menu including light breakfast and lunch options. On the menu you will find smoothie bowls. salads and special diets options. More information is available via the HoneyPot Cafe webpage.


As you explore our website you will find many ideas on how to stay healthy and at your best. We look forward to assisting you with your health needs.


HoneyPot – Trusted, Caring, Friendly.

Yours in good health


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